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Joe Can Fix It:A Fascinating Children's Story Set in London
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Joe Can Fix It:A Fascinating Children´s Story Set in London



A Fascinating Children's Story Set in London

 Aviva Lipstein

Seemingly an amusing, illustrated story, it is in fact much more - an educational book about a child’s transition from preschool to elementary school, a transition often accompanied by fears and concerns of the parents as well as the child.

In his Introduction, Clinical and Developmental Psychologist Carl I. Rubinroit, Ph.D. writes: 

The transition from nursery school to elementary school is often a source of worry and anxiety for both children and their parents. In this endearing book, Aviva Lipstein describes the experiences of a little boy about to enter school for the first time.

Through her hero, Danny, the author presents us with a collection of “magical tools”, which help him to overcome his fears and cope with the challenges facing him in his new environment.

This book is recommended especially for nursery school “graduates”, first-year pupils and their parents, as well as older children who might like to “remember.”

The story was translated into English by Ora Cummings, a native of the UK, and is suited to contemporary life in England (and could easily be suited to other countries as well) within the universal setting of the child’s passage from the nurturing environment of the kindergarten to the more demanding atmosphere of the “big” school.

The author, Aviva Lipstein, who passed away in 1994, was brought up in France - in Paris and in Nice on the French Riviera. During WWII, she was protected and educated by Dominican nuns, and after the war she came to settle in the new state of Israel. Mrs. Lipstein, graduate of the School of Social Work at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, worked with young children until her retirement. She lived in Tel Aviv, was married and had two sons and a daughter, as well as a grandson - all of whom were raised on her stories.

40 pages, full-color hardcover, beautiful color drawings, 16.5X24 cm

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