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MISFIRE! - A Riveting Thriller on Programmed Children-killers by Hugo N. Gerstl

Charles Flanders Cunningham III – a name that will rank with Hannibal Lecter as the ultimate evil genius. Charles Flanders Cunningham III – the wealthiest, most influential lawyer in the United States, perhaps the world – trusted counselor to presidents, prime ministers, and world leaders. But Cunningham has a dark side – a very dark side, known only to himself and his five accomplices.

Cunningham arranges to kidnap children from all over the world – none more than three years old – for a period of two weeks, after which they are safely returned to their despairing parents – safe, secure, and outwardly none the worse for wear… but changed. Changed by chemicals, computer implants, and mind alteration. And they do not even know it – until they hear one of a thousand catch phrases. They then turn into programmed automatons who will do whatever the next command tells them to do. Afterward, the computer chip erases all memory of what they have done. By means of this totally undetectable “army,” Cunningham aims to control the world. Can he be stopped before it is too late?

The Manchurian Candidate, you say? Or Telefon? Or The Boys from Brazil? Hold on to your nerves and plan on staying up very, very late to read this riveting thriller. And be frightened. Be very, very frightened! You never can tell if you will be the next victim … or the next killer!

About the author: see “Scribe” below. Hugo N. Gerstl, author of The Motherland Trilogy (An Epic Saga of Modern Turkey), and Scribe (The Story of the Only Female Pope), lives on California’s spectacular Monterey Peninsula with his wife Lorraine. He is also a nationally-known American trial lawyer.

392 pages, 14.5X21 cm


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