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Experiencing your Potential
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Experiencing your Potential
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 Following Feldenkrais' Work

 Abraham Shoshani

Experiencing your Potential was inspired by the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and the renowned Israeli philosopher Prof. Jeshaiahu Leibovich, the author's celebrated teachers and mentors.

Reading the book is a unique experience – the experience of a journey into man’s spiritual world. This world is complex and complicated, but always attractive and interesting.

Experiencing your Potential offers thinking challenges to the interested reader and inspiration and guidance to anyone involved in performance education.

Dr. Shoshani’s knowledge is extensive, amazingly profound, and devoid of stiffing academics. One cannot be but impressed by the intellectual work invested in the writing of this concise yet comprehensive book. The exciting encounter between the worlds of psychology and education lends a special quality and is intellectually challenging.

The author is an artist and researcher who integrates knowledge of eastern and western cultures and creates a new perspective in performance education. His innovative path has been recognized internationally: Dr. Shoshani has lectured in academic institutions abroad, including: the Royal Academy for Music and Drama, Glasgow; the Drama Department of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh; Actors Studio in New York; and Ithaca College, N.Y. . Dr. Shoshani is the Head of the Center for the Culture of the East in Jerusalem. The Hebrew edition of this book was adopted by Israel’s Ministry of Education and Culture for use at teacher-training institutes.

 A UK English edition was published in 2007. .An English-language eBook edition was published in spring 2013 by Samuel Wachtman's Sons, Inc., CA.

119 pages, 15X23 cm

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