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Life Under a Dark Cloud: An Israeli's Point of View
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Life Under a Dark Cloud: An Israeli´s Point of View
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LIFE UNDER A DARK CLOUD: An Israeli’s Point of View by Françoise Hoffmann

Following its declaration of independence in 1948, the State of Israel is credited with “making the desert bloom” as well as integrating millions of Shoah survivors and those in need of escape from the cold winds of antisemitism. This courageous country, proud of its many Nobel Prize winners, has fallen foul of biased media reports fed by propaganda that succeeded in blemishing the positive world image of Israel and has impeded its diplomatic relations.

This testimony describes the impact on the often dramatic daily life of the author by opening a window into intimate human scenes, under the dark cloud that appears in blue skies to announce a violent storm. The cloud serves as a symbol of the paradox of a life of freedom and prosperity on one hand, and never-ending violence on the other.

Israel’s short history is traced step by step by the French Israeli author who has lived in Israel since the seventies. The author unveils a patchwork of myths and falsifications that have created a fake reality now encoded into the awareness of new generations. Reading this book requires an open mind that allows readers to discover a whole new intimate and poignant world.

Françoise Hoffmann was born in France during World War II. Vichy laws made it impossible for her parents to stay in Paris, so they found a safe place to hide. The whole family survived the war. The author lives in Israel and has pursued a lifelong career in social work.

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